IGET Vapes Wholesale stock available 21/04/2022

1Blackberry IceBanana Ice(NA)
2Blackberry Raspberry IceBlackberry Ice
3Blueberry Raspberry IceBlackberry Raspberry Lemon(NA)
4Cool PeachBlueberry Ice
5Cola IceBlueberry Raspberry
6Double AppleCherry Blueberry(NA)
7Iced GrapeCherry Pomegranate
8Iced BlueberryCola Ice
9Lush FruitDouble Apple
10Lychee IceGrape Ice
11Mango BombIce Cream
12Mint IceLush Ice
13Passionfruit Mango IceMango Ice
14Passionfruit Grape IceMelon Ice (NA)
15Pineapple Juice IceMixed berry(NA)
16PPC IcePassion Fruit Mango Lime(NA)
17Smooth TobaccoPeach Ice
18Strawberry Kiwi IceStrawberry Kiwi Ice
19Strawberry WatermelonStrawberry Raspberry(NA)
20Very BerryStrawberry watermelon

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