• Does Gunnpod contain nicotine?

Gunnpod has both Nicotine and Nicotine-Free vapes.

  • What is Gunnpod ?

Gunnpod disposable vapes are one of the most popular vapes in Australia. Gunnpod uses better liquid than IGET\/ HQD. That’s why it’s leading the market now.

  • How long do Gunnpod Vapes last?

Around 3-7 Days

What is Nic salt?

Nic Salts is the natural state of nicotine that is blended with liquid, thus creating a suitable e-liquid that can be vaped.

Which disposable Vapes are the best?

Gunnpod > IGET> HQD. These are the most popular brands in Australia.

How much nicotine is in IGET Vapes (King/Bar/Legend)?

Each device contains at least 7ml e-liquid of 50mg nicotine, with a battery to keep the devices running up to 2600/3500/4000 puffs

Is Vaping IGET legal in Australia?

Yes, use e-cigarettes with e-liquid containing nicotine and you can vape in indoor and outdoor smoke-free zones. 

Are IGET vapes nicotine free?

They have both, you can check our categories.

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